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Clear LLM privacy hurdles fast

  • Train and deploy LLMs on private data with confidence
  • Ensure that confidential data is not leaked and access control is enforced
  • Seamlessly integrate with your modern GenAI stack

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Build AI with unstructured and structured data with the confidence that sensitive data is private and secure.

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How it works

Classifications for IQT Expo@half

1/ Automatically classify data

Classifiers for PII, PHI, PCI & secrets, in structured & unstructured data

Transformations for IQT Expo@half

2/ Redact, tokenize, replace parts of data

Define an appropriate view of the data for each reader. Tokenize with variable scope.
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3/ Govern access

Centrally audit and restrict data access with fine-grained dynamically-configurable policies, no matter where data is stored.

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What makes Antimatter unique


Works across any cloud or data store 

A single pane of glass allows you to define policies independent of each data store. When data moves, the policy remains in effect.


Enables different views without duplicating data 

Easily change a viewer's permissions and what form of data they see, without having to change the data.

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